Tinder is what I believe the most simplistic application that is out there for all smartphone users to date.  Its bothersome to some people because it forces you to “Judge a book by its cover”.  I hate to admit it but it is true.  There is no depth to the application.  You can have up to 6 photos on a profile and include a small block of text on a profile that most people don’t fill out and most people don’t read unless you get matched.  They have included linking to spotify or instagram for additional content but its almost useless.

How it works…

After you create a profile you are presented with a photo.  You can tap on the photo to see additional photos and read their blurb.  240 characters describing who they are as a person and what they are looking for.  If you like this person you swipe right if you are not interested you swipe left.  Right being yes Left is a No.  The person you swiped left will never be notified that you declined them.  Also there is no notification if someone on your screen had already seen your profile and swiped you right.

WARNING:  Once you swipe left that person will never reappear unless you delete your account and recreate it.

PRO TIP:  There is a paid version of un-swiping the last swipe and NO I do not subscribe to this service.  I will write future articles relating to profile management.

Just because you swipe someone right does not mean you get to communicate with them.  If that person also swipes you right you will get a notification that they also swiped right and you can start communicating.

You must access the application from a smart device with GPS location services enabled.  Tablets with GPS may work but results may vary.


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