Dating Apps General

Let me start off by saying I do not pay for dating services and I don’t believe most people do.  I believe that most people like myself download a free application and use it.  I am not opposed to using a paid service I do believe they work better for some people.  I have enough success with the free applications and services online that I do not need to subscribe to them.

I also don’t pay for any in-application purchases, like boosts, likes, or whatever they have to get you bumped up the local geographic list.  Some features look interesting like changing your geographical location on the app.  This might be important to people that travel a lot but its not for me.

If there is a dating service out there that wishes to give me free access to their services for the purposes of a review,  I won’t refuse.

All the applications are generally the same including some of the paid services, or add additional features that you can extend the application use.

These apps are based upon geographical location within a certain configurable number of miles.

All of these applications you will create a profile add some photos, or some photos will be pulled from an online profile like Facebook.  The profile itself may or may not have space to write paragraphs of text or have a slue of questions to answer for the purposes of matching.

For the Free applications at lease a Facebook account is required for authentication into the application.

I have not seen any of these applications post to your account. Facebook friends that are not dating app users should not be able to see that you are using the application.  I said should because Tinder has a friends feature.  If you enable it or leave it enabled, I cannot remember the default setting, you can put a “I’m going out with…” status in Tinder and link other public Tinder Facebook friends.


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