Tinder: There’s no one new around you.

Well shit!  I must have scanned through every woman.  Not Likely actually.  I don’t know this for certain but occasionally Tinder thinks you are not a real person, kicks you out of the party, and stops presenting you with matches.  So unless you live 100 miles away from only 3 available women the only way that i have found to fix this is to delete your account.

Deleting the account occasionally is not a bad idea like every 3-4 months.  In other articles I have mentioned that when you swipe someone left they are marked in your profile gone for good.  We have all done it.  We have all swiped a few the wrong way (both ways).  This has probably happened to you also.  Or you had a bad profile photo.  Deleting your account gives you a new lease out there.  I have tried to change all of my photos and the text in my profile.  This seems to help but only to an certain extent.

I delete my account about every 2-4 months because of various issues.  There are a couple of important things to keep in mind.

  • When you delete your account all of your current matches and conversations will also be deleted.  So if you have open conversations with people that you would like to continue move them to texting or another chat service and let them know why.
  • Anyone that you unmatched or swiped left intentionally will reappear and you will reappear on their feed.  This includes people you previously dated that may have not worked out so well.  So be prepared for the ghost of dating past.
  • On a positive note.  I had someone that deleted their account and when she signed back up we matched again.  This was someone that we started with a nice conversation but it never went anywhere.  On the second match we actually connected and had a really nice first date.


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