Safety and Common Sense

There are many articles out on the internet about being safe online and when meeting people for the first time.  I am not going to list a whole bunch of rants about what you should, or shouldn’t do when meeting, texting, or calling anyone.  You can go read those scary articles on another site.

The purpose of this site is to help people get over the technological hump and give some basic understanding about how the dating world has changed.

My advice to you is just use common sense.  When you meet someone do it in a public place and beyond that its entirely up to your comfort level.  Just make sure you are comfortable with the situation.

What do I do?  When I am meeting someone for the first time I let a friend know what the general plan is and what time its starting.  Then 30 minutes into the meeting I will get a call from that person.

If the meetup is going downhill or it does not feel right I’ll have an excuse to leave.  You don’t need to give a reason.  You can say “I’m sorry I have to go.”

If the meetup is going well, which is usually the case, I’ll answer with “No, I’m not in the trunk of a car.  Thanks for calling then hang up.”  This usually leads into a more comedic conversation with the person you are meeting and has more often lightened the nerves.

I always setup a later call or text after the date so whomever is watching out for me does not alert the media.


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