Why DaddyGoofball.com?

If you read the about page on this site you at least from a thirty thousand foot perspective of why I created this website. But you may be asking, ‘Why did I choose DaddyGoofball.com?’ as the domain name or web address?

To answer that question you’ll have to know a little bit about me and DaddyGoofball is who I am. In this article I am going to attempt to answer where the DaddyGoofball name comes from and how it came to be. The short answer is that this became my online persona in the early 2000s right after I became a parent.

We will need to break it down into two terms. First and foremost I am a father, parent, and a daddy. Some people, especially those that do not have children or grew up without that role, may initially think that statement is just repeating that term in a series. It really isn’t.

A father leads. Leadership is not a command, a conquering rule, or a dictatorship. To me, it is setting an example for my children to follow. Am I the type of person I would want my children to become? Would I be happy if one of my children brought someone like me to date when they’re at the appropriate age?  If the answer is no to either of those questions then I am not a father and i need to change something to become the father I am supposed to be.

A parent nurchurs and develops.  As a parent it is my job to mold my small humans into the responsible contributing members of society.  Granted there are other people in their lives that will help direct that development but growth should start at home.  It is my job to create the foundation and give the individual confidence, encouragement and discipline they need to enable them as individuals and empower them to set their own goals later and reach for the stars.

A daddy loves unconditionally just as his children love him.  What is unconditional love?  There are no words that could possibly define it.  We are all born into it.  We are all capable of it.  As my children love me without conditions or strings I will love them with every fiber of my being.  There will be times that the child will hate their father or not agree with their parent but they will always know that their daddy will love them unconditionally.

I call it the paternal trinity. This is not limited to a paternal role.  The maternal role is the same simply replace father with mother and daddy with mommy.  Do not mistake this for a religious doctrine but as a parent this commitment as important if not more important as one might have with a faith.

What is a Goofball? Dictionary.com defines Goofball as a silly person.  Well, they have a few other definitions but that is the one I am going with,  That is who I am.  I am silly, I am an optimistic person, by choice.  All my clouds have a silver lining and I live and focus on that lining.  A dear friend of mine would say “All my rainy days have blue skies”.

I am only serious when I have to be.  I would argue that I am more serious on this site that I am in person.  I am responsible, I pay my bills and debts.  When I do wrong I make every effort to correct the mistake or give back in other ways.  Life is about balance and I choose to live on the positive side.  I do believe in karma in the sense that you take out more than you put in.  I love to have fun and I don’t waste too much time worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.

I am divorced, this thing happened.  I cannot change it.  I can only learn from it and grow from it which helps me move past it.  I really don’t have a choice on this one.  I have to grow and set that as an example for those smaller humans I am responsible for, because when they grow older and have relationships of their own they will look to me as an example in their own relationships in the future.  Change is how we grow, sometimes growth is painful, and that is okay.  Its how we change and grow is what is important.

Did I grow into a bitter individual? Absolutely not.  It takes two people to make a relationship work and I want to set a better example than that.

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