Let me introduce myself.

Hello, my name Adam.  I put this site together because I am recently divorced and the world has changed since I have been on the dating scene over a decade ago.

What this site is for…

Initially I want to provide some basic information or some lessons learned.  Initially I felt like I was walking around in the dark 10 years late to a party where everyone knew each other, speaking a language I didn’t understand.

This may eventually start to include stories of dates, meetups or encounters.  If I do start allowing other authors to post to this site the stories will be at best PG or PG-13 with the intended purposes of education for others to learn from mistakes made or identify “Red Flags”.

What this site isn’t…

This is not a place for people to complain or publicly defame other people.  I will not complain about my situation, discuss the details of my divorce, family, or provide legal, medical, or any other advice to which I would be liable for any choices you make.

This site is not to help you cheat, trick, lie, or manipulate people for personal gain.


I am divorced.  I am not innocent nor a victim or my marriage.  I entered into a legally binding relationship by choice.  I do not regret that decision nor any of the moments that were apart of that journey in my life.  I was equally responsible for the beginning, middle, and end of that relationship.  I was responsible for its high points and its lows, its successes and mistakes.

If I could, would I go back and change anything?  No!  Changing the past is not possible and to what-if about it is a waste of time.  For the sake of those that really “Need” an answer to why.  I would not change the past for fear that I may sacrifice any of the treasures or blessings I hold dear today.

Disclaimer…(sorry gotta do this)

I am not a Doctor, therapist, or any other profession relating to the topics discussed on this site.  It is simply a blog about my personal journey and lessons, howtos I have learned for the soul purpose of information sharing.  Any information posted to this site the intellectual property of this website and cannot be copied, sold, or otherwise used to sell products or services.

I am not a subject matter expert on any of these topics.  Any information posted to this site is solely intended for the education of my fellow newbie into this new world.  I am not liable for anything that you do with the information or any situations you place yourself in as the result of choices you make based upon the information on this site.


NOTE: This will not be published

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