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Going through a divorce can be a nightmare on your finances.  This is after everything is done and when you are starting over with a new budget and all the bills and debts that were decided that were yours.  Attorneys paid, etc.  You are now your own person.  Everything has been divided.  When you are at a point where you know or at least should know what your monthly bills are post divorce you need to make some decisions.

I am not a financial analyst or an accountant. I know I am not great with money.  All my bills and debts are paid every month and I always had food on my table but I was always too loose with my money.  After my divorce I had a couple of “Oh Shit” moments with unexpected bills that I was able to cover but knew I was close to being in financial trouble.  This has happened in the past but before I was married.  There was a second income.  Before I only had to wait an extra week till her check came in and we would be out of the yellow and back into the green.  I no longer had that.

Then I started thinking.  What if I had to take a loss of income?  What would happen to my kids?  How would I put food on the table?  I no longer had that partner with that second income to at least get food on the table.  I knew I had to do something different.  I knew I needed to do better for myself and my children.

People only change when they have to and sometimes the most painful change creates the greatest education.

Years ago I bought the Dave Ramsey book but I lost it.  I bought it again.  I no longer wish to be a slave to the lender.  I can tell you that his system works.  I have already paid off a few small debts since my divorce and not seeing those monthly bills is a stress relief.  I can tell you on one of those tight months if I would have had just one of those previous debts it would have sent me into the red or black.

I am still loose with my money even with his system.  BUT I am not as loose.  I am not as aggressive as the book describes you can go.  It will take me longer this way but I am okay with that.  I am moving forward.  Mr. Ramsey if you read this I thank you for your book and advice it has already changed my life.

Thank you for listening.

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