Happy Being Alone

I am alone and for many that goes hand in hand with being lonely.  Not for me though.  Don’t get me wrong, I do eventually want a relationship.  But only when the time is right.  I will meet someone that will light that fire under me.  I could have met them already.  Who knows?  I’m not worried or even going to stress about it.

I understand that all things happen in their own time.  If I am not with anyone at the moment it is because I am not meant to be with anyone at the moment.  I do not need to race off and get myself into a serious committed relationship because of a lack of companionship.  I have two dogs for companionship.

There is Sandy and Kaylee.  When I am at home alone they are my companions. I don’t need someone to be happy.  Sure it is more fun having someone else around but I am secure in myself to be alone without getting depressed.  Not to reiterate but things do happen in their own time and only when they’re supposed to.  I truly believe that.  In my lifetime every time I have tried to force a period of my life that I wasn’t ready for I ended up in places that I was not ready to be.

Arguably even in those darker, or less proud moments I had the most growth and I came out the other side mostly unscathed.  Who I am is the compilation of all of the experiences and interactions of my life.  I would never change a thing from my past because I like who I am.  I appreciate all of those experiences, including the bad ones.

Life happens in the journey and not the destination.  I know what it is like to push myself, to grow, to change, to live.  My life will never be boring.  I will continue to nudge forward readying myself for whatever comes next.  I am hungry and excited to see what is around the next corner.  I run towards the unknown.  I am most comfortable when I am uncomfortable.  I am uncomfortable when I am comfortable.

I will push, poke and nudge those around me to do the same.  To change and to grow is my drug addiction.  To learn is my fix.  I don’t know where it will lead but I am sure I will have a few stories when I get there.

Good Night everyone.  Thanks for listening.

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