Block Upon Request

I saw this meme online and I thoroughly enjoy questions like these that provoke thought.  This question speaks more to who I was and less to who I am.  Point of fact I did cut people out of my life without the request for the sake of my relationships.  I am neither proud nor have regret for those decisions.  I didn’t just do this with my spouse.  In relationships prior to my marriage I cut people from my life.

I did these things for many reasons.  At the time I believed that the person I was with was more important that the person I was leaving in my past.  In some cases that person was causing conflict in my intimate relationship.  There were a few times that my significant other was jealous of the relationship or friendship I want with another.

Today I don’t know if I would do that again.  I realized in my life that all people in my life have, in many ways, equal importance to me.  I will no longer cater to someone’s insecurities and negativity.  I will only let people influence me in a positive way.  I refuse to be manipulated or controlled.  I will not make a decision that is not right for me for the sake of someone else’s emotional wants or needs.  I will not place one person’s needs above my own or anothers.

All people are important, especially those that are there to love and support you in a healthy way.  If someone cannot see that or is jealous of that relationship advise them to look within and seek help with their insecurities.

Thanks for listening.

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