Life’s Little Balancing Act!

Life is bunch of little balancing acts.  We all wear many hats.  My closet is full of hats.  I have many hats for work, kids, home, personal projects like this blog.  All of which make my life full, fun and of course frustrating.

How many times a week do we say the following…

I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

You can make that statement for every hat you wear.  We all feel like we could we could spend 24 hours a day at work, home, etc and not get everything done.  Do you know why we feel that way?  its because its TRUE.  There will always be another task to do at work, always a window to clean at home, and always somewhere for the kids to be run off to.

Because life is not just a juggling act it is also a balancing act.  Most people act like ‘The Cat in the Hat’ trying to keep everything in the air.  I am sure we all feel that way sometimes and that is okay but we shouldn’t feel that way all the time.

There is a missing peace to the two photos above.  What happens to the juggler, even the most experienced ones, that juggles continues to juggle indefinitely? or What happens to the cat when you add the last item?  Things fall.  Eventually he is going to drop a hat.  The cat is going to take on too much and everything is going to come crashing down.

You can juggle all your hats and balance all of your commitments and responsibilities but if you don’t find time to take a rest, feed your soul, or carve out some self maintenance it will come crashing down.

Whatever your journey make sure you take moments in everything you do, work, kids, home, etc.  Be present for those moments.  There will always be that email to respond to, basket of laundry to fold, or thing someone wanted not needed you to do.

Take a moment, read a book, play a game, take a walk, clear your head, just do something for yourself.  Recharge your batteries before you need to and live your life with love in your heart.

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Thanks for listening.

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