Interview: With A Douchbag

I have old friend that is also out on these dating apps.  She was telling me about a guy that ghosted on her before Christmas and Reappeared before New Years.  She happened to be dating someone else at the time and refused a date with him.  They had been on a few dates before the holiday but it really wasn’t going anywhere so she wasn’t all that upset when they had stopped talking.

So when she refused the offer for another date the gentleman went away and the Douche-bag came out to play.

Here were some of the notable quotes:

“Well, I meant to to vent 2 weeks ago about you ghosting on me.”

“I didn’t know you were playing tinder Bachelorette.”

“I thought you were different than all the tinder girls.”

Rejection is hard, I know but seriously just say thank you and move along.  There are plenty of fish in the sea, or in today’s world, profiles to swipe.

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Thanks for listening.

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