Post-Divorce Adventures

So I made a minor site change.  I changed the tagline.  The tagline for a site should tell people what your site is all about.  When I did my research around the time I started this site I was warned by many articles that a blog or a website will evolve over time.

I am a puzzles kind-of guy.  I like to figure things out.  I love to learn.  The biggest shock to my post divorce education was the lack of information sharing to the “Pre-Divorced”.  I would talk to divorced friends or people online and I would bring up a specific item and start to say “Did you know…”  almost always I would hear “Oh yeah, I knew that.”  That to me is shocking.

If life happens in the details then why weren’t the details shared with me before this happened.  Pre-divorce, I searched all over the web looking for some sort of light at the end of the tunnel or positive outlook on the ‘other side of the signature’.  I found nothing.  Sure the transition was no basket of roses but post divorce with the right point of view does not need to be a bucket of shit.

I am an extrovert so that means I process things out loud.  This means I work things out and develop opinions and views by talking about things aloud or by writing.  So I started talking to people, friends, relatives, divorced, married, remarried, etc.  I wanted to know if what I was seeing was unique or was I misinterpreting the information I was gathering.  I found that the people that have already been through this process already knew and accepted the things that I had learned or worse yet taken the pessimistic view of their situation.

That is where this site started.  Since then the site has been evolving into an online journal of sorts to help me process the information in my head with a larger audience.  Why write it in a spiral notebook for nobody to ready and throw away later?  Why not toss it out on the internet for other people’s education and entertainment?  At least two people have found me entertaining thus far :-).

When my divorce was final, the future I had been planning for now gone, I started living for the moment instead of tomorrow.  In the moment is where you can see the details and beauty in your surroundings.  In the moment is where life happens.  When life starts to happen that is where adventures begin.

So I changed the tagline to reflect that.  It used to read:  Post-Divorce Dating Blog.  Now it reads:  Adventures in Post-Divorce Life and Dating.

Life is an adventure and adventures happen every day.  I hope to post more about my adventures as time goes on.  So Stay Tuned!

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