Perfect Imperfections

One of the greatest insults I have ever I ever enjoyed was “People grow until they’re perfect it just took a lot longer for you.”  I’m 6’3″ so it took me a really long time.  We all have flaws and when we look at ourselves we usually see the things that we would want to improve on.  Here are some of mine I am not as fit as I would like to be, or my beard isn’t as full as I would like it, I don’t like the sound of my recorded voice, etc.  These are my imperfections.  These are the things that are part of who I am.

These are also the things, along with many others,  I could choose to be self-conscience about if I would let them.  And that is the decision that I make to myself.  I could choose to let my flaws own me or I could choose to own my flaws.  Or, accept the things that I cannot change like my singing voice, sadly I will never be a Chris Stapleton (Fool Me Again) and make decisions about the things I can change like my weight or related eating habits.

We also do this to other people, its natural to look for differences in people.  I don’t want to say that we look for other people’s flaws because that is not exactly true.  It would be fair to say that initially we all look for incompatibilities in each other.  I have called these out in other posts I’ve called them red flags or show stoppers.  Beyond the show stoppers our flaws make us unique.

Our Imperfections Make Us Perfect -Daddygoofball

As far as I can tell nobody else has made that statement, so I’m claiming it.  It is a true statement.  It’s our imperfections, especially the ones that we cannot change that make us individuals, they make us each an individual person.  There will only be one me, I like me, I am the perfect me for me.  Just like you are the perfect you because there will only ever be one you so make it count.

When I talk about flaws or imperfections I do not mean bad habits.  Personality quarks if you will is where I am going with this.  When you get involved with someone you need to decide can you fall in love with them and make their imperfections objects of your affection.  Can you love the things that someone might consider a flaw but you see as a benefit?  Thats the difference between loving a person and loving all of a person.

We have all seen these couples.  These are the people that you see and you can’t understand how one person is with another.  You see their flaws and think “How can they put up with that?”  Well now you know.  They love all of that person including what you see as a flaw.

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