Not Looking for a Hookup?!?

Okay Ladies, we know you’re not looking for a hookup. You can stop wasting character space on your dating app profiles inserting that tag line. I have chatted with women these last months that have had that on their profiles, then after a day or two ask me directly when we were going to hook up.

So yes it is a waste of time putting it on there.  The guys that are looking for a hookup will swipe you right, because those guys swipe almost all women right hoping for a match.  Once they get your phone number they will send you a picture of their “junk”.  Then you will get all offended and surprised again.

Not all guys are looking for a hookup.  I personally don’t want the drama that comes along with it.  No bunny’s in the pot, and no more stalkers.  That’s a different funny story.  I have been stalked twice that I know of and I never even slept with any of these women.

I used to have the same tag line poking fun at the women having it on their feed.  Keep your feed simple.  No drama, some basic information or something that will help them figure out how great you are.  Not “I am committing myself to temporary celisaby”  I mean “not looking for a hookup”

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