Relationships and Religion

In the beginning…  I’ll bet you thought I was going to go all religious on you, sorry no.  Preaching and quoting scripture is not what this site is all about.  I am not a theologist or a creationist.  If you are looking for a blog or a website about religion and relationships you sill not find it here.  “God” knows there are plenty out there.  😉 The only thing I am qualified for is expressing my own views, opinions, and feelings whether they are right wrong or indifferent.

In all my searching on books and articles on and off the internet on relationships I found that most of the content had ties to a specific religion or were religious in nature.  To the theologists out there that will read this post a marriage is a religious sacrament yada yada yada.  I would argue that a relationship no matter if it is a marriage, friendship, or anything in-between I would argue that a real relationship is more than a commitment its something that is indescribable.  It would be easier to describe what the color blue tastes like to someone that has never experienced the gift of sight.

I learned a little from every book I read but many of them gave me the feeling that If I wasn’t religious my personal relationships were destined to fail.  Many books I have read were recommended for me to read  by a counselor.  With every one of those books I knew I would have to put on my “God Filter” to get through the sermon preached in each chapter and take the logical message or lesson I needed to learn.

I am not trying to compare myself to someone that places a higher power in, around, above, below, etc. their relationship.  If that is what you and your partner need, then great.  I am truly happy for you.  Everyone needs a even playing field or common set of beliefs to make it.  I do believe in something I choose not to express my religious preferences as it relates to a religion on this blog.  I will attempt to the best of my ability to keep the content of the articles on this site to the relationship topic itself and less theology.

I want you as a reader to read what I have to say and comment if you agree or disagree.  I’d love to find if there are people out there that share the same views and beliefs that I do.  I am willing to get into some theological discussions in the comments section but you will not find any posts on the topic here.

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