Dos Don’ts: Who Pays

I am going to try to start a new segment for dating tips.  Each segment will include a Do and a Don’t.  The Dos are generally common sense and intended to be helpful.  The don’ts are to add a bit of irony and humor in opposing the do.

Do… Be financially stable enough to date.  Going out and having fun should never be a free ride.

Don’t…  go to every date with the expectation that someone else should pay and don’t have the expectation that you should pay for every date.

There are going to be some strong opinions on this topic but let me explain where I am coming from.  This is no longer the 1950s.  it is perfectly acceptable to either go dutch or trade who pays as long as you set that expectation between the two of you.  I am old fashion about somethings, but dating I feel that just like any relationship it should be fair.  I do not want to plan every date.  I love surprises.

If I ask you out on a date especially the first one I expect to pay for that date.  If she wants to contribute or go dutch I am okay with that.  By the second or third date I would hope that this being the 21st century that she has the confidence to ask me out.  When we are out on that date I will offer to pay.  That is the old fashioned person in me and I do not expect anyone to pay-my-way.  That being said if we have advanced as a culture where women are now giving out engagement rings, then they can pay for a date or two.

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