Dos Don’ts: Unexpected Adventures

I am going to try to start a new segment for dating tips.  Each segment will include a Do and a Don’t.  The Dos are generally common sense and intended to be helpful.  The don’ts are to add a bit of irony and humor in opposing the do.

Do… Be prepared for a backup plan if parts of your date plans fall through.  Even the most thought out plans will fall through.  Have yelp installed on your phone if the restaurants closes unexpectedly and Google is your friend.  Most dates will understand and if you’re quick on your feet you’ll earn a few extra points for the spontaneity.  A quick search can turn a date mishap into a unexpected adventure.

Don’t…  go on a date without a plan or at least some sort of direction.  Simply showing up in a busy restaurant area on Valentines Day without a reservation or at least a call ahead at 6:00PM may result in a 90 minute wait, frustrated staved date, a bigger chunk out of your pocketbook, and further repercussions due to all the delays.

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