Date Night: Dinner

I want to have a weekly post about places to go.  This does not have to be a first date and I am going to attempt to review specific places of business.

I love food and I love trying new things.  Not everyone is like that.  Some people are very particular about what they eat, where they eat, dietary restrictions, etc.  If you ask someone to dinner you need to be aware of this information.  Your evening out with the vegan is not going to go very well taking them to a steak restaurant with no vegan or vegetarian options.  Or worse yet your date has a peanut allergy and you take them to a place where peanuts are in everything.  All I am saying is know enough about your date to know that there will be options that they will like.  If your date has never had sashimi you can take them to a restaurant that serves it but don’t take them to somewhere that only serves sashimi.

Know your date well enough when picking your destination.  If you have not been there do some research on the menu before you go. Read Yelp and reviews on google.  I am sure you will find a horror story with every review.  2 stars out of 5 on 100 reviews may not be a great choice.

Learn basic table manors!  I cannot stress this enough.  Guess what, did you know that you are on the internet?  Like right now.  I know isn’t it amazing?  Do you know what they have on the internet? Thats right kids, information.  There are a slew of websites and videos online about basic information on table manors.  Come to think of it…  I may go check them out just to make sure some of my eating habits aren’t breaking some rule somewhere.

No body is perfect and I am not saying you need to know what fork is which, but talking with your mouth full, chewing with your mouth open, spitting food everywhere when you speak, may turn off a date.  Just saying..

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