Interview: Chat with Opposing Views

I was recently matched with someone that had something specific on their profile that had something specific on their profile that they were looking for.  More specifically something they weren’t.   I have no problem with someone knowing what they want or don’t want.  Know thyself.  It is a great thing.  I am also a fan of someone that is not afraid of saying ‘Hey I affiliate myself with this group looking for similar’.

Once the match was created I always check out their profile, I do not always initiate the conversation (more on that on a future post).  What I found over a month after the election was over was this.  “If you voted for X swipe left” meaning that if you cast you vote in the last election opposing the direction she obviously voted she, like her vote, does not want to have a conversation with you.

It just so happened that I had actually voted in a different direction than she.   My advice here is, go ahead an unmatch.  This is what they requested on their profile.  You should respect their request.  If you feel so compelled to still send a message to see if the profile simply needs to be updated, meaning they may have put that on there out of angst and forgot about it do so but be respectful.

I sent this particular person a response.  I was honest.  I said.  “Hello, I noticed this on your profile.  I did not notice this before.  I voted in this direction.  If this is still an issue for you please unmatch me”  less than 24 hours later I was unmatched.  I did not give reasons, or arguments over one side or the other.  I simply was honest about it and I let her make the decision to unmatch.

Do not get into arguments with people unless you both are having a healthy debate about a topic.

If you have a story to share about a conversation you had with someone online or in person that you feel would be beneficial to others please send it in to me.  I will not share personal information.

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