Dating: Dos and Don’ts #2 Respect the Server

I am going to try to start a new segment for dating tips.  Each segment will include a Do and a Don’t.  The Dos are generally common sense and intended to be helpful.  The don’ts are to add a bit of irony and humor in opposing the do.

Do… find out server’s name at restaurants and use it.  Use your manners with the staff as well as the date.  I have found that treating the staff with the same respect as your date goes over very well with your date as well as  you will sometimes get that extra level of service.  Be humble and appreciative of the staff,  they are there to help if you make them feel valued and respected you’ll be amazed when they go the extra mile.  A great experience will raise your chances for a second date.

Don’t… flirt or pay more attention to the serving staff than your date.  This will help you stay single and possibly get you slapped and left at the restaurant.

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