Dating Night: Coffee

I want to have a weekly post about places to go.  This does not have to be a first date thing.  If you have read any of my posts you would know that I typically like to meet people for coffee for a first meeting.

This first post about dating ideas I will start off with why I like to go for a coffee on a first meeting.

Fundamentally the rules of dating have changed.  I have mentioned this before but today we are communicating with more people through applications like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, etc. Notice I said communicating not connecting.  I say communicating because I do not believe, at least for most people, a true connection with someone until you get to know them and actually meet them.

To those that have been out there a while or have ever dated, how many times did you get to know someone over the phone, text, or chat then meet them and for the lack of a better description ‘the connection was just not there’.

This is why I like coffee.  You can meet, have a conversation, if things get awkward you can have a stopping point, and its public so it feels safer.

There is another reason that is pretty important that I need to call out is cost.  Lets do some simple math here.  If every meeting was dinner, so dinner and a couple of drinks is $30-$100 depending on geographical location and the place of business.

I need to ask myself how many dates can I have in a month?  I don’t know about you but I don’t need more than one hand if I have dinner every time.  But Coffee is cheap.  $10 and an hour conversation is much more economical.  You can decide on the second date and what is in your budget.

I want this blog to encourage people to get out away from your devices and have real human connections with people.    Coffee is a great way to start.

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