RAK: People Are Good

After Yesterday’s post I feel like I need to give a positive post about the people I have chatted with online.  This post is less about online dating as it is about communication with your fellow human being.

I have always been the type to strike up a friendly conversation with a stranger.  I like people, I may rub them the wrong way sometimes but I generally like being social with people especially strangers.  When you talk to someone you don’t know for the first time and you start to learn about someone’s existence you get a small tiny glimpse into their world.  I find it interesting to listen to people especially if they have opposing views than my own.  How am I going to grow as an individual by surrounding myself with people that are exactly like me?  I like me and I like my views and opinions on things, but that does not make me right.  To err is human… and i am going to stop there intentionally on that quote.

When you chat with a stranger at a gas station, grocery store, online, to me its like knocking on a neighbor’s door.  A few things can happen when you are open to communication with a random stranger in a correct appropriate setting. I am not saying stop and talk to every random person pumping gas or in line at your favorite fast food with someone is chasing 12 children into a playland.   But you can say hello just the same.

They are not always going to answer but you opened up the lines for a conversation.  Saying hello and a quick smile may brighten someone’s day when they may need some Random Act of Kindness.  Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line.  I have done this many times, not as a pickup, I do wholeheartedly believe in doing or saying things without expectation of intent or reward, but as a RAK.  Most of the time I get thank yous, or promises of paying it forward, but sometimes it strikes up a conversation and you get a glimpse into their world.

Story time,,,

I was at my local coffee place and I was felling especially blessed with the gifts in my life and last last in line.  I got to the register and ordered my drink and said I’d like to pay for the coffee of the next person that shows up in line.  It is a busy shop and they know me so they waited to take my payment until someone appeared.  Less than a minute later a woman entered placed her order and I paid for both drinks,  Confused she thanked me profusely humbled by the gesture.  I simply said pay it forward.  Tears came to her eyes and she said, that she does every day.  She went onto explain that she is a educator in a low income area of the city.  Outside of her time as a teacher she volunteers time down there,   Her and her husband were blessed with a healthy living and when her children outgrow their clothing she give it to the kids in her school.   At this point Our coffee’s were done and thanked her for her service to the community and wished her well on her weekend and went about my day,

The point is by opening up for a conversation and a little RAK I learned something about someone else.  I was humbled by her story felt good about doing something for someone when I didn’t have to.  Too many times we discuss the bad or negativity in this world.  I will try to be better in my posts to inject a little more of an optimistic view and post more about the positive side of dating.

This is the part of dating that I do enjoy.  I get to talk to many people.  I have met a few but I get glimpses into their world and even though there are many horror stories out there there are so many more good people out there trying to make it work.  Obviously not everyone is right for everyone but there is someone for everyone.  I really do believe that.

One thing is true above all others though.  People are good! Seeing all the things I have seen in my life I still have faith in us as a species.  Sure there are a few that have lifestyles that most of us would not agree but people are good.  The problem is that our society gives attention to the ones that do bad things.  Out of every person I have ever spoke with online or off, I do not think I have met a bad person.  I have met people with strange intentions and horrible decision making skills but I do not know if I have ever met a bad person or was bad at the time.

If you’d like to submit a story I’d love to hear it.

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