Interview: Tinder Prostitute

Last week I was swiping on Tinder and I recieved a match.  If you have read any of the guides I have posted to this site you probably already figured out that there is no rules or instruction manual to this.  Most of what anyone does on these sites or apps it try to find what works for them.

Everyone has a different approach, some people post about their kids, what they’re looking for, turn ons or off, inspirational quotes, etc if it can be written in a few hundred characters its on there somewhere.

On my particular profile I post that I am divorced which is important to the reset of this story.

So I am swiping along  and I recieved a match.  I read the profile to initiate the conversation and she mentions that she on a journey to be healthy.  I usually break the ice with something to get the conversation started before I filter some questions to see if this is a person I would like to continue conversation.

So we message back and forth and I ask if she minded if I ask her a few questions.  The answer to this is always yes and since I am competing with  every other match she has on her profile.  I treat every conversation differently but I generally have a top 5 red flag questions.  We can get more into what those are specifically in a later post but I asked one and I did not get the answer I was expecting.

I took screen shots of the conversation before it disappeared off of my phone.  I did not get her permission to post the conversation online and I have no way of contacting her because she unlatched me at the end of the short exchange.   I am skipping the details of the conversation and reducing this to shorten the post.

ME:  Are you married or otherwise attached?  I ask this because there are many married people on here most of which I believe are testing the waters before they actually make the decision to start the process of a divorce.  

HER:  I am single but I only date Married Men

ME:  Why do you only date married men?

HER:  Married Men are not clingy and that leaves me to doing what I want.

ME:  Well I am divorced so I guess I am not the correct marital status for you to date but do you mind if I ask you a few more questions? 

HER:  Sure

At this point I knew that I knew that she was not interested in me but I was curious why she was only interested in relationships that have no long term future.  I myself am still new in this dating game and I do enjoy meeting lots of different people with lots of different backgrounds.  People have always interested me and long before I was married I would strike up random conversations with strangers.  I enjoy peaking into other people’s worlds.

ME:  So why not single guys?  Not all of them are clingy.

HER: Single guys are usually more clingy.  Married men are the opposite they can’t be clingy and I am rewarded for my time, companionship, and silence

ME:  Rewarded how?  Gifts?

HER:  All I get is money!

At which point she wished me luck in my search and unmatched me severing the connection.  I really don’t know if she is a prostitute,  She could have been blowing smoke up my arse.  She could have been an extortionist.  But the tone of the conversation and the emojis used painted a different picture.

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