Dating and Fire Building

All Fires start with a Spark and Tinder.

Anyone that has been camping or has a fire pit in the backyard should know how to build a fire.  WITHOUT an accelerent like gasoline.

Fire Building Materials

  1. Spark or ignition source
  2. Tinder – Any Material that can be ignited with a small spark or a flame
  3. Kindling – twigs or small pieces of wood
  4. Fuel – Larger pieces of wood gradually increasing in size

Building a Fire Instructions

  1. You start with a Spark and some Tinder get a small flame.
  2. You start adding Kindling to that flame to grow that flame.
  3. You begin to add Fuel to your small fire and continue to feed the flames with more fuel as your fire needs it.

Relationships and Fire Building

Building a relationship is not much different when you think about its basic elements.

  1. Spark or attraction
  2. Tinder – things in common or something small to build off of.
  3. Kindling – dates, conversations, and moments together
  4. Fuel – memories, experiences, and adventures

Two people notice each other, this can happen in a place or more common these days online.  You text, chat on the phone or meet over coffee and start to build a connection or a small flame to fan.  You then meet for a few dates, and start to fan the flames.  Before you know it you are adding fuel to the fire.

Every person that has ever attempted to build a fire knows they almost never start off with a single match or a spark.  We also know just because we get some grass and small twigs burning without proper care and feeding it can easily go out.  But we all know once that fire is going, we can’t stop feeding it until either we need to let it go out or we run out of fuel to burn.


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