“THE HOOKUP APP?!?!?!” I am laughing as I type this of course.  Every person out there that has openly admitted that they have been on Tinder has heard that statement from every married, or single friend.  Before I was divorced admittedly I had said the same thing and looked at the person like they just joined a swingers club just to get laid.  The application has gained this reputation because it is easy to use and yes there are a lot of people on this application along with many other applications looking for the infamous “Hookup”.  When you hear someone blurt out the statement above it only means one thing.  They have never been on and they have no need to be on the application.

I read a review once on a website that Tinder and all the dating apps proves how shallow or superficial we have become as a society.  Become… Hmmm… You know,  when I dated over a decade ago I remember dating people I was attracted to physically.  Its true beauty IS an inside job but there has to be some attraction in place before you start pealing back layers of the onion.  Come’on Shrek fans you know what I am talking about.

All of the applications are the same in this respect.  They start off with just simple physical attraction, a profile or a conversion can give you a little more information or identity some incompatibilities.


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