My name is Adam. I created this site to help others like myself.  I am a technologist by trade and having recently gotten back into dating after almost 15 years.  I found myself running into barriers from a technology and social perspective.  After talking to divorced friends and dates I found that I was not alone in the barriers I was facing.

I am a problem solver by nature and after a few months of education by failure I found myself helping friends that have been out there a while.  So I thought ‘Why not put a few webpages together?’  And that is how was born.

I am still figuring out the exact scope for long term content of this site.  For now I am going to add pages, guides, and articles to help those with some basic information I have learned.  My hope is that I help a few people along the way to find the connections they are looking for.

Good Luck to us all,


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